Important infos about Sexfunparty/Pissendegirls2017-11-02


we need to inform you about an important issue concerning the use of the content of and

The longstanding cooperation with the partner ( and was surprisingly ended without warning, as the partner is no longer responsible for the distribution of the licenses in the german-speaking area, this goes back to the content owner, the whole thing came as a surprise to us.

Regarding this, the following things must be noted:

We have changed the product links and customers will be redirected to alternative products as far as possible. Dynamic promotion material delivered by Partnercash has already been changed, replaced by substitute content for other products of the same theme or deactivated.

However, if you have downloaded or manually linked promotion material based on the content (pictures, video) you have to change and/or remove it - this can be for example in the case of a PHP portal for Sexfunparty. Otherwise it could come to complaints/warnings of the new content owner.

If you have used embedded video feeds and have customized the images yourself, you will need to change them as well.

The videos are replaced by alternative products.

If you are using a PHP portal from Sexfunparty, please disable it and replace it with an alternative product.

Please take all necessary steps to avoid unnecessary problems.

Thank you for your understanding!