Great tool for tube uploaders!2017-10-05


today we would like to introduce to you a possibility how you can easily generate users/visitors with adult content via this great tool. It is a user friendly tool that we have developed in collaboration with a major industry partner that fully automates the process of uploading videos to tube sites! That's right, no more manual upload to every single site! Just upload your video and your video will go live on more than 60 of the best known tube sites!

Not only does it save you time and money by eliminating the need to upload each tube site separately, but you'll also earn more money by uploading to more new sites and reaching more new users than ever before! And all this in a fraction of the time you would normally need to upload!

The tool is called PartnerLoad, and here are some of the main features:

1. All major sites are implemented and sortable by Alexa Ranking.
2. You upload your video once, and that video will be uploaded to the selected tube sites!
3. Video scheduling in advance to the month>day>hour>minute you want.
4. Easy adding of all tube sites, only one login necessary!
5. You can use your own custom titles, descriptions, categories, tags etc.
6. Failed sites are automatically re-uploaded, as well as the option to manually re-upload.
7. Multiple channels/brands supported, even for tube sites where you have one login for all your channels/brands.
8. Real time stats, showing you your successful uploads ratio.
9. Accurate validation, screenshots provided of the videos process on the actual site.
10. Spend less time uploading, upload to even more sites, reach new users, earn more money!

Our partner offers a limited number of free trial versions. So get in contact with our parnter (preferably in English) at to simplify your upload process and to expand your reach by uploading to more sites in less time than ever before!