2nd Webmaster Meeting East on 10/15/20112011-10-12

What happened to be a fun evening for about 30 people in December 2010, now returns a bit bigger as 2nd Webmaster Meeting East on October 15th, 2011 in Brno, Czech Republic. Located literally in the center of Europe, Brno is the ideal place for all webmasters and other adult industry professionals from all over Europe to come together for a night of free drinks, free food and free entertainment.

Organized and sponsored by Gunnar Steger of www.EuroWebtainment.com and Stefan Geisler of www.AmazingContent.com, this meeting is not going to compete with any of the existing trade shows. It is supposed to be just a relaxed, casual night to enjoy and party with your peers in a wonderful location on top of the roofs right at the center of Brno.

Webmaster Meeting East

This is your chance to meet, chat and party with many people who usually stay away from the big events and if at the end you make new contacts and new business: so be it!

For more information check the event website at www.webmaster-meeting-east.com There you will find everything you need to know including driving directions, hotel recommendations and the possibility to RSVP. To be in touch directly please email Stefan Geisler at sge@trion-media.com

Thank you