Saboom Shows − fast money2011-09-06

Saboom Story Shows are great for users who want to enjoy their porn movies, but what about the guys who wanna get to the point and cum fast? For those we decide to produce short "Shows" for the pleasure of having interactive sex.

A Saboom Show is a mini-show in allusion to the well known fast and spontaneous sexual intercourse. The user has the possibility to consume a short porn movie at low cost with all the interactive features like a full Saboom Story Show. The difference is that the user can choose his preference and directly get straight to the point of interest. At this time a user has the choice between round about 40 different shows in 10 categories. To convert your traffic as good as possible you can sent it directly to a special Saboom Show or category with a simple deeplink and the user will see relevant porn movies to the search term he came on your site.

Saboom Shows

The time shows that a large part of new Saboom users habe bought a quickie a short time after they registered at Saboom. And thatís the point why the shows will be expanded with every show that goes online. User like the interactive pleasure and buy a show ticket after watching a Saboom Show.