Earn money with Saboom.com now!2011-05-06

The first interactive porn website in the world is now available for promotion and you can increase your commissions with porn 2.0! As the saying goes the early bird will catch the worm and so this is equal for Saboom. Be under the first webmasters who are promoting interactive porn videos and choose between an PPS deal up to XX $/signup or an rev-share deal with 35%. Saboom is an innovative porn website and the same goes for the advertising media, which are:
  • decision videos
  • desktop videos
  • context sensitive ad
  • flash banner and layer
The decision videos are short clips with the typical Saboom decision bars, where the user can choose what the performer should do in the next scene. Depending on what the user had chosen, he will enter a Saboom landingpage which matches perfectly to his decision. Saboom Advertising The desktop video ad will make nice girls dancing on the userís desktop and strip for him. Depending on the settings you made when generation the promotion code the girl will dance at the top left, bottom left, top right or bottom right on the screen. When the cursor will be moved over the desktop video ad it will turn into a hand and give a call-to action. The context sensitive video ad will search your site for defined keywords and link them to Saboom. There is a linking restriction, so that not too many outbound links will be set with this promotion code. If a user mouse over one of the defined keywords a Saboom girl will come up in a transparent video player and give him a click-me-call. But thatís not all, even common promotion media like HTML banner/layer, image ads, pagepeels and pictures are available in your Partnercash account at the webmasters area. If you have any questions to Saboom or to some of the advertising resources feel free to contact us.