PROGRAMS provides a variety of payout structures to choose from to accommodate what best suits your needs.

2.50 € / $ 2.80
Pay per Lead

Worried about conversions? Don't want to wait for free members to convert into sales? PPL is the right program to go for. Get paid for every free-signup.


Pay per Lead: Get paid for every registered user! With PPL payout model we pay you straight away for each and every free registered user with double-opt-in activation. No matter how active the user will be in future, you will have your money rolled in already by the time the double-opt-in registration has been confirmed.

30 € / $ 33.80
Pay per Sale

Earn up to 30 € / $ 33.80 for every generated payed sign up.
It's the fastest way to increase your earnings.


Pay per Sale: High Payout for highly converting products! Enjoy the chance to combine our great converting products with high commission payment for each user you make a sale with.
for Saboom:

25 %

Earn up to 50% for each membership generated. This is a great long term wealth generator you can rely on.

10 %

Tell your friends how cool we are and make money together with them.
Refer webmasters to PartnerCash and get 10% of their earnings.

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Please note that everything is processed in Euro(€) and that rates are calculated at the daily exchange course and are updated for each pay period. The display is rounded to one decimal digit accuracy.